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Ivory tee with rust garden graphic


I didn’t grow up with a good example of what a healthy family looked like. I spent a lot of time imagining the perfect family with family dinners, school plays, and ballet recitals. I longed to find my place with the picture-perfect family.
I had teachers and mentors who supported me through middle school and high school, but ultimately found myself homeless before I graduated. I was fortunate enough to end up in a group home where I was able to graduate high school and get into college.
Despite my accomplishments, I still longed to be a part of a family. I realized as a young adult, there were still so many areas where I needed family support.
At 19 years old, I found my forever family through Unfaulted. My image of the perfect family was replaced with a genuine family who loved and cared for me despite all of our imperfections. I no longer desire something picture-perfect, I enjoy the imperfections of a true family.
One of my mom’s hobbies is gardening. My drawing reminds me of her and the growth I have experienced through my family’s love and support.
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