About Us

Unfaulted Mission Statement

Unfaulted exists to build a foundation for young women who have aged out of the foster care system by helping them grow through community, sharing the gospel and providing education, to equip them to be successful, independent adults.

Our Purpose

To share the love of Christ with every young woman who participates in our program so that she will enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, in full surrender to Him, living to serve others.


Our hope and prayer is that every Unfaulted member would:

  • Accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior
  • Enter into a habit of daily prayer, Bible study, and worship
  • Become a member of a Christian church (any Christ-following denomination)
  • Excel at full time work or school
  • Independently maintain housing, purchase groceries, and pay for and maintain a vehicle
  • Have established and continue growing healthy relationships
  • Participate in hobbies, exercise, and community
  • Continue established mentoring relationship
  • Continue attending counseling/life coaching, and therapy

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Resources available:

Every enrolled member of Unfaulted will be connected with resources to help them attain:

  • A “forever family”
  • Community support
  • Life skills classes
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Housing assistance
  •  Job training skills
  • Transportation assistance
  • Educational support
  • Counseling/Life Coaching
  • Financial assistance
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Mentors
  • Information and practical assistance applying for benefit programs
  • And other necessary resources


Every enrolled member of Unfaulted is expected to:

  • Be willing to work or attend school full time
  • Attend weekly life skills classes
  • Attend counseling/life coaching
  • Save and budget money
  • Work with a guide to achieve goals
  • Become a successful, independent and contributing member of society