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Investing time in Unfaulted will benefit you as much as it will our participants. We have many volunteer opportunities, and if you’re unsure which job would best match your skills, experience, and interests, our Volunteer Coordinator can help you find the best place to start.

Forever Families

Forever Families are what make Unfaulted unique! All of our young women are connected with a healthy, Christian mother and father who unofficially (or officially) adopt them. As Forever Family parents, volunteers undergo training, have access to counseling/life coaching, and are continually provided with support resources to help the family blend and unify.

Forever Families celebrate birthdays, holidays, and special events together. They go on outings, vacations, and have family dinners. Our young women should be adored, encouraged, and wanted by their Forever Family. Forever Families are just that – forever.


We call our mentors “Guides.” A Guide is a mature Christian woman who meets with one girl to guide her as she becomes a responsible adult. Guides are mentors, but also confidants and friends. They pray with and for their young women, go out to lunch regularly, and talk about the hard, emotional things of life. Guides should provide wise, scripture-based counsel and act as an advocate for their women. Duties include coordinating care with staff, weekly check ins, orientation, and program participation.


The Unfaulted Life Skills program needs volunteers to present two-hour classes. Each class runs 2 to 4 weeks, and topics include: Finance Basics, Job Preparation, Self-Care, Spiritual Health, Home Life Skills, and Car Care, to name a few. A slideshow with notes, along with a student workbook, are provided. You can commit to one or more classes, and we encourage co-teaching. If you are a professional or novice teacher, or you’ve given business presentations, you qualify for this position.


We are looking for volunteers who have special knowledge in areas like: taking the GED, college admissions, automotive repair, family law, and more. If you are a professional with knowledge in a specific area that may benefit our staff or young women, we’d like to talk with you and determine whether the Specialist role would be a good fit for you.


Are you a pro at computer work? From typing to graphic design, making calls to creating spreadsheets, we need volunteers with computer skills. You can opt to help with one-time projects or assume an ongoing support role.


Some people are just cut out for fundraising. If you’re a social maven who knows how to plan fundraising events, or you have connections with philanthropic organizations or individuals who might want to financially support Unfaulted, please volunteer in our Fundraising ministry.